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Sunny Co Clothing Scam ?

Sunny Co Clothing Scam ?

If you constantly online and you saw this swimsuit and how everyone mentioned that every girl will wear this free red swimsuit. So I finally found it and why so many fuss about it. Two days ago company Sunny Co  posted on Instagram post when you repost it you will receive  free swimsuit. Apperantly lots of people reposted it and paid for shipping and handling. People call it Scam of 2017 you would think that by now everyone would know that nothing in this world comes free. Whoever payed now complaining that they card got charged and they did not receive any confirmation number of product. Right now on their Instagram page about 4,000 comments where people complaining about not receive anything from them. What do you guys think about it ? Did any of you reposted it ? Let me know in comments 😉

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