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Sunny Vibes

Sunny Vibes

Soooo…. I currently started to watch this new show on Netflix, it calls Girlboss and I must say that I’m obsessed. I  can relate myself to the main character, how she is trying to figure out life and create something big from her passion. In a way that’s what I’m trying to do and her story really inspires me. If you looking for something to watch I would suggest Girlboss and…. I just finished last episode of the season, hoping new season will be coming. Now I’m back to reality and I need to finish my school duties ( uuggghhhh I try to postpone it as much as possible every time till it catches up with me) as well as my ordinary human being duties.

Lately I started to pin my hear like that (look below 😉  ) and I think it looks pretty cute also very comfortable. This simple white Shirt  which I think everyone needs, super cute back pack on which I get lots of compliments, and bluish sunglasses  are from Zaful  , shoes 👠 from Steve Madden and jeans 👖 from Zara. Also check out this denim dresses that are perfect for summer.

Well… gotta go now, see you in my next post 💋





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