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Fall Fragrance

Fall Fragrance

Happy Friday!

During fall and winter I like to wear some stronger fragrances. Some that are more present and that you’ll smell all day long. To be honest, that is the only bad thing about flower fragrances, they won’t last very long.. That’s why I chose five of my winter favorites and share them with you. Read about each of them below the image and find out which one might me perfect for you!


In a perfect world it would always smell like fresh peonies, notes of sweet peach and subtle hints of vanilla. Those scents resemble exactly what I look for when choosing a perfume to match my style and personality. A scent can say so much about an individual; it’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone and one of the lasting impressions when leaving a room. It’s a personal reflection of who you are and what you want others to think about you. It’s simply your aura.


Are you elegant? Sweet? Sultry? Feminine?  With a new season, comes a new scent. There are so many beautiful fragrances available from some of my favourite designers this fall; it was hard to settle on just one. Not to mention the incredible beautiful bottle designs that look so elegant sitting on a vanity. After a few hours of testing the fall fragrances, I think I found the perfect one.

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