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My Workout

My Workout

I know it’s been a while since I last posted any health posts. The main reason being that working full-time has forced me to make some adjustments to my daily routine, including the time I get to spend working on my fitness. I always thought work was an excuse that people used to stay away from the gym, but over the past couple of months I have realized that it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to drag myself to the gym or put on my running shoes after long dat at work.

In the past I tried to work out 5 times / week but after being frustrated with myself a few weeks in a row for not making that goal I have become more realistic. Now I aim for 3 workouts / week and if I can squeeze in a 4th it makes me feel extra good for achieving more than I had planned. Recently I have been running, it requires less time than going to the gym because I can just step outside my front door and go for a run. But I still try to work on my strength at least once (better twice) per week.

MONDAY: Yoga & Meditation in the morning + Butt & Legs in the evening.

TUESDAY: Run outside or in the gym.


THURSDAY: Stairs 30 minute + Butt & Leg training

FRIDAY: Crosstrainer 20 min + Abs, back and arms + 15 min yoga.


SUNDAY: Stairs + Butt & Leg training

I know that a lot of my readers also work fulltime, therefore I thought it would be fun to share my typical workout routine at the moment with you guys. Of course you can switch around the days,  if you feel more like a quick run on Monday and a longer one after the week is done of Friday. Also, I try to make at least of one of the runs a morning run, because I always feel more motivated before work and I also feel so much more energized all day after working out. I think that this routine is more than realistic and as long as you give it your all while you’re working out you’ll be seeing improvements.
Do you guys have any good tips on how to combine working full-time with staying healthy and working out? I’d love to hear them!!

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