5 Tips To Survive Mondays


Most people will say I am crazy, but I do love Mondays! Not that I don’t like weekends, because of course party Saturdays and lazy Sundays are the best, but after these days I am always so happy to be productive again. To start a new week with new goals and challenges. And it’s totally up to you if you make something out of it. So here is 5 tips to survive Mondays.

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1. SLEEP Make sure you get enough sleep on Sunday so you are rested on Monday. This doen’t mean you need to sleep all day, definitely no. Just try to go to bed two hours earlier than your normally do. Take some camomile tea, put a mask on your skin, read a book and if you feel restless, write down your thoughts. Believe me, you will feel so good after a long sleep!

2. TO DO LIST I already said that writing down your thoughts can be really helpful, as so is making a To-Do list. What do you need to do on Monday and the rest of the week? They can be simple things, but for me fishing every ‘Do’ makes me feel satisfied. When I finally catched up on my e-mails for example, which I usually hate to do haha.

3. SET GOALS Besides your To-Do list, you also have to set goals to stay motivated. What is it you want to work for this week? Which goals do you want to achieve and what will make you happy and satisfied? From reaching that amount of followers, to getting that new campaign or promotion on your work. Challenge yourself so it won’t get boring.

4. GET OUT Yesterday for example, I felt so restless and I didn’t had any inspiration. After laying in my bed all morning, I just needed to go out. Dress up and get in the city for some energy. Feeling the sun on my skin, watching people from a terrace and go in some shops for some inspiration. After I did this I finally felt inspired again, so make sure you dress nicely and get out of your house.

5. TREAD Last but not least, be nice to yourself. You should challenge yourself but don’t be too hard. If something didn’t succeed by the end of the week, you should ask you why you think this happend? But also, don’t worry as you can try again next week. And if something did succeed, make sure to tread yourself! Go and get that massage or go out for dinner. Nothing that motivates more than a little self-tread!

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