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April Fashion Buys

April Fashion Buys

Hi guys, just wanted to give you an update what I am up to. Combining work, school, blogging and somehow managing to rest in between is not easy. Whenever, when I feel down my favorite thing is to do shopping of course… I’m sure you understand me. Since summer season is coming up I decided to shop some swimming suits, dresses, tops, a lot of shoes  and much more. You will see all of them on my blog and Instagram, so do not forget to follow me. I came to  thought that I have to stay organized. In order to keep my life organized I have to start with my closet, vanity, desk, car. Spring  cleaning helps you to get rid of the stuff that you do not need anymore and maybe you can donate them to the local Goodwill store. Feel free to share how you organize your space I would like to read that.


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