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Trip to Las Vegas

Trip to Las Vegas

Morning loves, if you follow me on social media you probably know already that I went to Vegas for couple of days. It was totally unplanned trip I guess it is my thing to do everything last minute. I can’t complain because I had a really great time there. So many new places, new food and new activities. The time flies so fast there and I did not even realize it was time to pack my bags back home. Since I was enjoying my time and company I did not took much pictures , but I hope you can feel the vibe from pic below. I was staying in the hotel from the window of which I saw Eiffel Tower ( not the real one of course ) and Bellagio water show. My window was the best place to watch it from because so many people trying to get closer to the show it is hard to squize in there.  If you have time on you road to Vegas do not forget drive on Death Valley road. It is really quite there just one car pass ones in a while, so you can have that straight road just for yourself.

There is so many hotels in Vegas you should have innormas amount of time to visit them all to see how many cool  stuff they have in there. Each hotel has its own theme and it is like you are traveling around the world in just one day. Of course I can not share with you thing picture of food. It was the best recon I have ever had, I think I can smell them through the picture right now. Since I’m already really hungry right now I better go get something to eat and start with my day. Thank you all for readying, do not forget to add me on social media sites. Love you <3


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