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Now I’m a movie critic

Now I’m a movie critic

To all cartoon lovers! I want to share with you my last experience in an amazing world of animation. “Zootopia” has been released on a big screen, it gave me a lot of joy during the one session. I was expecting just another computer animated film with a nice graphics and simple idea. I can’t wait to tell you, that it was fair 16$ that I have spent.
To start with, it was not the first cartoon about life of mammals interpret as a real human beings, with all the routine and adult problems, but in “Zootopia” it all has been shown in a different light. The main character is a cute bunny girl, Judy Hopps, that fights against injustice in everyday life. She wants to be a real rabbit officer and bring a peace in her neighbourhood. She moves to a big city Zootopia, but her dreams got crushed, when she found out she can’t be real police officer because she is just a rabbit. She had to prove everybody, that she’s not like every bunny, she is a dreamer who fights to achieve her dreams.      

Another main character is a con artist fox, Nick Wilde. He has an interesting biography that explains all of his behavior, which by the way brings both of our “fluffies” together. And now the action begins, due to the lack of the draw she gets a chance to take part in investigation. She was given 48 hours to find the missing animal, and now her carrier depends on solving this case. This brings us back to our con artist Nick, who was forced to help her with it. Many adventures and exiting connections are faced to our companionship on the way to success. This story shows me that you can’t be scared to be what you want, just hard work and support will bring you to the top. Dont be scared to dream BIG…

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