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How I Spend My Day Off

How I Spend My Day Off

Hello beautiful World!

Today I want to share with you how my ordinary day off look like. So here we go, First things first I wake up around 1 pm ( no worries I do that only on my day off) then I getting ready and I am set to go somewhere to get my breakfast. I am a big fan of cozy little cafes. The one I went to called Tea Garden, ¬†they have some many veraetise of teas that amazing. After that I went to Universal Studio Hollywood. I have a season pass so when I get a chance I’m alway there. If you ever being there or you want to go there let me know what is your favorite ride and where you would love to go and what would you do there. I am super exited about Harry Potter ride. They already building castles and everything which will open in Spring 2016. Depending when the park closing after that I love to take a walk on City Walk to where always live music and great shops. That is it for my day off.


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